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Somebody, some wonderful and adorable person, bought me a virtual lolly for Valentine's Day (which I would show you but I've already scoffed it *g*) and wrote me a gorgeous little Lupin/Snape snippet. I didn't think anyone on my flist was remotely interested in writing Snupin, and now I'm obsessively re-reading it to see if I recognise the writing style. Anyway, I'm thrilled to pieces - thank you so much, anonymous valentine! I'm sure you all want to read it, don't you?

As Remus made his way down the corridors, every smiling face made his heart ache a little more. With each red envelope, there was a new shower of fluttering hearts, or the fresh scent of flowers. Another knife in the wound.

He had known today, of all days, would be painful without her. But he would not hide from his duty. After Voldemort’s defeat, those who remained had come here, to Hogwarts. Snape had retreated to his dungeons, rebuilding what was left of Slytherin house. McGonagall, now Headmaster, had asked Lupin to teach DADA, and he had agreed. For the children’s sake, he would pretend this was a happy day.

Remus stopped, taking a deep breath, before entering the Great Hall. He made his way to the staff table, ignoring the commotion as best he could. When he reached his seat, a small white envelope was waiting for him. He groaned, glancing down the length of the staff table, but no one was watching at the moment. He’d best get this over with and find out which misguided student he needed to set straight.

He tore off the corner of the envelope, ready to muffle it inside his coat, but it stayed silent. Cautiously, he opened it, sliding the note into the palm of his hand. No showers of rose petals. Under the cover of the table, he read the note.

“We are all that remains. Can we start again?”

It was unsigned, but he thought he recognized the careful scrawl. He looked down the staff table and found black eyes watching him, calmly evaluating. Remus smiled, the pain in his heart just a bit less. There was the ghost of an answering smile, quickly stifled, before Snape turned away and the swing of his dark hair hid his expression.

Isn't that just the loveliest thing ever? I feel a little guilty, because usually I detest Valentine's Day with the passion of the inveterate cynic. If you introduced Ebenezer Scrooge to the concept of Valentine's Day, that would be me. And now my anonymous gift has reduced me to a pile of schmoopy pink mush on the floor. (That was kind of a disgusting analogy, wasn't it? I didn't mean it literally. I'm still flesh and blood.)

So. I feel I should spread the love somehow by being nice to my flist - for a change ;-). If you all want to give me a prompt and a pairing, I will write you each a drabble. And because I'm feeling brave, I'll do any pairing you ask, although if I've never written them before I can't guarantee it'll be good. No need to restrict yourelves to dS. I'll write Snupin, House/Wilson, Aziraphale/Crowley, Hamlet/Horatio...suggest anything you want, and if I know the source material I'll write it! I've never seen SGA or BSG, before you ask. Or Wilby Wonderful. Sorry. But I will re-watch The Princess Bride if anyone asks for it, or maybe even if no-one does. Okay, I'm going to shut up now. Prompts...GO!
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