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I'm not cool enought for this list-like approach, so we're going to go with Robinson Crusoe's tried and tested method:

Credit: did you know that if you search for 'Rococo' (as in the art movement) on Google images, the first hit you get is this? It looks to me like a cock with some carrots around it. I think that's what it's supposed to be, actually. It amused me.

Debit: Yesterday MPs voted to extend the detention period to 42 days, which means the police can hold you for six weeks without arrest or trial if you're suspected of terrorism. Then today the shadow Home Secretary, David Davis, resigned in protest. As a commentator on the BBC website pointed out, it's really come to something when one Conservative MP and the House of Lords is all that's protecting our civil liberties.

Credit: I wrote something! I'm afraid it's not due South, but Jeeves and Wooster. It's not quite finished, and it's already over 8k words. When I'm done I'll ask over on [ profile] indeedsir for someone willing to give it the once-over, unless of course anyone on my flist is a seekrit Jeeves/Wooster fan and wants to beta read for me?

Debit: you've all gone off to [ profile] con_txt and left me! *wails* Only kidding. Have fun! Think of me! Take lots of pictures! *waves you off with white lace hanky*

The title to this post is something my English teacher used to say. I think I ought to use it as a title sometime. His other favourite phrase, which I also love, was "She asked the barman what a euphemism was; so he went over and gave her one."
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