killclaudio: (Passing Walrus)
2007-09-17 07:00 pm

My Due South books - let me show you them.

Chris, who is a total darling and the fangrrl Housemate Of Choice (tm) bought me a present today - the Due South books!

Look! )

I'd forgotten these even existed, although I had a vague memory of them being truly terrible. I was right. I can't get through a sentence without cringing. Want to hear some of it? Of course you do! This is the opening chapter of All The Queen's Horses, based on the episodes All The Queen's Horses and Red, White or Blue.

'Fraser?' 'Yes, sir?' )

You know, I have a policy never to burn books, no matter how vile the material in them. I admire Vetinari's attitude, never a man to ignore fresh knowledge. But in the case of these books? I might have to make an exception.