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This journal is mainly fandom-related; I'm a huge fan of Due South, especially Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Vecchio and Welsh/Frannie. I also 'ship Snape/Lupin (from Harry Potter), House/Wilson (from House MD) and Jeeves/Wooster (from the books of PG Wodehouse). My latest obsession is Stargate SG-1, and I'm fast becoming a Jack/Daniel shipper. How could I have missed this show the first time round? It has archaeology! It has intergalactic adventures! It has inappropriate sarcasm!

If you're looking for my fiction, it can be found in my memories and is mostly Due South. If you're looking for something good to read, then my account has loads of stories listed by fandom, pairing and author, and I highly recommend them all.

I'm female, in my twenties, British, and an archaeologist. All of which is very dull, but it's the kind of thing I like to read in other people's profiles.

If you want to friend me, go right ahead! If we've had any kind of interaction, however tangential, I'll probably friend you back, and then you'll have to put up with my boring f-locked posts about archaeology or the weather or whatever. If I've friended you and you're here to ask WTF?, it's probably because I like your writing, or you were kind enough to comment on something I've written. Or I've seen you around in fandom. Or hell, maybe I just think your journal is pretty.
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