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I'm not cool enought for this list-like approach, so we're going to go with Robinson Crusoe's tried and tested method:

Credit: did you know that if you search for 'Rococo' (as in the art movement) on Google images, the first hit you get is this? It looks to me like a cock with some carrots around it. I think that's what it's supposed to be, actually. It amused me.

Debit: Yesterday MPs voted to extend the detention period to 42 days, which means the police can hold you for six weeks without arrest or trial if you're suspected of terrorism. Then today the shadow Home Secretary, David Davis, resigned in protest. As a commentator on the BBC website pointed out, it's really come to something when one Conservative MP and the House of Lords is all that's protecting our civil liberties.

Credit: I wrote something! I'm afraid it's not due South, but Jeeves and Wooster. It's not quite finished, and it's already over 8k words. When I'm done I'll ask over on [ profile] indeedsir for someone willing to give it the once-over, unless of course anyone on my flist is a seekrit Jeeves/Wooster fan and wants to beta read for me?

Debit: you've all gone off to [ profile] con_txt and left me! *wails* Only kidding. Have fun! Think of me! Take lots of pictures! *waves you off with white lace hanky*

The title to this post is something my English teacher used to say. I think I ought to use it as a title sometime. His other favourite phrase, which I also love, was "She asked the barman what a euphemism was; so he went over and gave her one."
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I forgot to mention this, but in March, I went to see a lecture by Philip Pullman. Philip Pullman! OMG, I hear you cry, that’s amazing. Stupendous. Miraculous. I know! No, seriously, he was great. And his lecture was on ‘the elementary particles which make up a narrative’, so obviously I took notes to share with you guys, because who wouldn’t want to hear about the process of constructing a story from a man who is such a master storyteller? I can only apologise that it’s taken me this long to get them into some kind of coherent order.

Just for the record, I am not affiliated to Pullman and this is not an official transcript. Just a few notes that I frantically scribbled as he spoke; it's nowhere near as long or as polished as the lecture was.

‘Poco a Poco: the elementary particles which make up a narrative.’ A lecture by Philip Pullman. )

If anyone has any ideas about where else I might post this then let me know - is there a community somewhere for the sharing of fanfiction resources? A bit like [ profile] ds_workshop but for the whole of fandom? (And if not then why not?)


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Guess what?! The wonderful [ profile] luzula, writer and singer extrordinaire, has set my haiku Shattered Light to music! Look! Isn't she just incredibly talented? You must all go over there right now and listen to it, and tell her how great she is. And now I'm having a warm, fuzzy, 'fandom is incredible' moment, and I think you're all just the best thing since sliced bread. *squishes you all* *hugs Luzula some more for good measure*
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Here are the snippetses that I promised a couple of days ago - I was going to just post them in the comments, but some of them got a bit too long. Apologies for the delay -apparently I am a slower and more pedantic writer than even I had realised. They’re all pretty much a PG or PG-13 rating.

For [ profile] malnpudl, F/K and the prompt secret touches. )

For [ profile] mickeymvt, F/K and the prompt tape. )

For [ profile] vsee; F/K and the prompt something unexpected. )

For [ profile] keerawa; Crowley and Frannie and the prompt temptation. )

For [ profile] luzula; teen!Fraser/Smithbauer and the prompt blow. )

For [ profile] tanisafan; Aziraphale/Crowley and the prompttea. )
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Somebody, some wonderful and adorable person, bought me a virtual lolly for Valentine's Day (which I would show you but I've already scoffed it *g*) and wrote me a gorgeous little Lupin/Snape snippet. I didn't think anyone on my flist was remotely interested in writing Snupin, and now I'm obsessively re-reading it to see if I recognise the writing style. Anyway, I'm thrilled to pieces - thank you so much, anonymous valentine! I'm sure you all want to read it, don't you?

As Remus made his way down the corridors... )

Isn't that just the loveliest thing ever? I feel a little guilty, because usually I detest Valentine's Day with the passion of the inveterate cynic. If you introduced Ebenezer Scrooge to the concept of Valentine's Day, that would be me. And now my anonymous gift has reduced me to a pile of schmoopy pink mush on the floor. (That was kind of a disgusting analogy, wasn't it? I didn't mean it literally. I'm still flesh and blood.)

So. I feel I should spread the love somehow by being nice to my flist - for a change ;-). If you all want to give me a prompt and a pairing, I will write you each a drabble. And because I'm feeling brave, I'll do any pairing you ask, although if I've never written them before I can't guarantee it'll be good. No need to restrict yourelves to dS. I'll write Snupin, House/Wilson, Aziraphale/Crowley, Hamlet/Horatio...suggest anything you want, and if I know the source material I'll write it! I've never seen SGA or BSG, before you ask. Or Wilby Wonderful. Sorry. But I will re-watch The Princess Bride if anyone asks for it, or maybe even if no-one does. Okay, I'm going to shut up now. Prompts...GO!
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I had tomato and red pepper soup for dinner - comfort food if ever there was - and watched Hamlet on DVD. Which might just be the perfect Sunday evening, except that I'm not a big fan of either Zeffirelli's interpretation of Hamlet, or Mel Gibson's performance as the prince. In fact, I think I bought this version solely because I have a crush on Stephen Dillane, who plays Horatio. ♥♥♥

I was just wondering if anyone has seen Kenneth Branagh's version, and if it's worth me buying? Branagh has played so many Shakespearean heroes that pretty soon they're all going to merge into one in my head. Or if any of you know of another version I might like that's available on DVD; it's pimp your Hamlet day here at my journal!

And since watching Hamlet always makes me crave Hamlet/Horatio, have a drive-by rec. Double Entendre by [ profile] crazylittleme, a rather sweet, PG-rated first kiss. There's a sad lack of good Hamlet/Horatio out there. Go and read it.
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Exams are over! OVER! \o/ Finishing up on Friday with a nail-biting presentation of my dissertation objectives. I desperately wanted to start it with "Hello everyone, I'm Darren Nichols; deal with that," but I refrained. *g* I also owe most of you comments, dearest flist, so don't be scared if I suddenly start stalking you.

There was reason for this post. Oh, yes! Being as I still have neither the energy nor the inclination to write; have a dS wallpaper or two. They're all 1024x768. Clicking on the thumbnail should take you to the full size image. Assuming I've managed to write the code properly. That's a big assumption, especially at *squints at the clock* half-midnight.

dS, F/K, and Fraser & Dief )

Frannie, Welsh, the Duck Boys and Dead!Bob )

I'm thinking I need to make one with Fraser and RayV, with that quote about how "any time I go anywhere with you I record everything; mainly because, if I have to go to court, no jury will ever believe the damn things that come out of your mouth!" *snerk*
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I have just signed up to [ profile] 12in2008. Next year I will be writing twelve stories. Because you see me doing so much writing at the moment(!) Why do I do these things? Why didn't one of you stop me? I blame you, [ profile] malnpudl. *attempts to glower* *ends up grinning instead* Erm, some of you could join to keep me company? *bats eyelashes*
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According to my journal, I haven't completed a story since August. *weeps* So. [ profile] ds_snippets. 300 words. That's acheivable, right? Plus, I get to use my new icon. Oh, and er, I'm incapable of coming up with titles. You don't want to hear the possibilities I tossed around before I gave up. Let's just leave it there, shall we?

Fandom and Pairing: Due South/Harry Potter crossover. Briefly implied Fraser/Kowalski and Snape/Lupin
Rating: PG
Length: 344 words (yes, I'm over, I'm sorry)
Prompt: Of all the dogs whom I have served I've never known one who understood so much of what I say or held it in such deep contempt.
Author's Notes: I'm fairly sure this has been done before )

Of all the dogs whom I have served... )

Fandom and Pairing:Due South, Damian Kowalski, gen.
Rating: G
Length: 247 words
Prompt: polish (er, I've taken this to mean 'Polish', not 'polish', which is probably cheating, but that's how I read it when I first saw it.
Author's Notes: This seems to have turned out a bit too emo? Sorry?

Polish )
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Those of you who are fans of Theodore Roethke will be appalled amused to hear that last night on Later With Jools Holland I heard someone singing "The Waking". Singing. It annoys me anyway when people try and put poetry to music, because the words have their own rhythm and I think the music ought to try to match that rhythm and not fight it, which is what this one was doing.

Plus, the guy couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. And when he was finished Holland had the cheek to compare his singing to a Stradivarius. Even I, who am almost tone deaf and have never picked up a violin in my life, could probably get a better sound out of a Stradivarius than the one coming from this guy's mouth. Grrr. Roethke must be rolling in his grave.

Other things that have annoyed me this week; ethnocentrism and inverted snobbery. Aaaaaargh.

Ha, I feel much better now. So. How are you?
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Do you know why I both love and hate archaeology? Because this week I've had lectures on everything from the molecular-level composition of bone to epistemology and the theory of knowledge. Apparently I am expected to be both chemist and philosopher. And biologist, philologist and historian. There was also a brief detour through statistics (demography, yuck).

I also managed to call the research assistant Mr when he's actually Dr - apparently he got his PhD in the year I was away. Although he was very nice and "call-me-Andrew" about it. And two weeks into term a bitchy email fight has broken out between a couple of the lecturers, which they managed to send to the entire department instead of each other. Oh academic life, how I haven't missed you at all.

TFI Friday, y'all. Sleep now. Zzzzzzzzzzz.
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Chris, who is a total darling and the fangrrl Housemate Of Choice (tm) bought me a present today - the Due South books!

Look! )

I'd forgotten these even existed, although I had a vague memory of them being truly terrible. I was right. I can't get through a sentence without cringing. Want to hear some of it? Of course you do! This is the opening chapter of All The Queen's Horses, based on the episodes All The Queen's Horses and Red, White or Blue.

'Fraser?' 'Yes, sir?' )

You know, I have a policy never to burn books, no matter how vile the material in them. I admire Vetinari's attitude, never a man to ignore fresh knowledge. But in the case of these books? I might have to make an exception.
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It's the first of September! Today is my favourite day of the year. I don't know why. It's my favourite day, dammit, I don't need a reason.

In honour of this, have a poem! Well, some of a poem. An extract from Autumn Journal by Louis MacNeice. With thanks to Rosamunde Pilcher, who first pointed out to me how wonderful MacNeice is.

September has come )
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Guys, [ profile] jem80 is having a very, very bad day. In fact, in the history of sucky days, this has to be one of the suckiest. They don't come much worse than this. So in an attempt to cheer her up, and prove that there are at least two men out there who aren't complete bastards, I've written her an F/K snippet. Not that we ever need an excuse for F/K. And if everyone else were to go over there and cheer her up too, I'm sure she'd be eternally grateful.

F/K, PG-13 for kissing, and next time I start listening to Del Amitri could someone please shoot me? Thank you kindly.

I hear you’ve never felt so alive, so much desire beyond control... )
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Completely, utterly random question regarding kettles. Yes, you read that right. What? I'm British. I'm obsessed with tea.

Polly put the kettle on. )

I fail at cultural awareness, I know. It was just idle curiosity, but anyone care to enlighten me?
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The Physical Therapy AU has reached 5000 words, including a rather pathetic synopsis, and it still feels like I've barely started. I reckon it's going to be pushing 30k by the time I've finished. That's about ten times as long as anything I've ever written. But I'm not panicking. I'm not. THIS IS ME NOT PANICKING!

Ahem. The adorable [ profile] nos4a2no9 has already volunteered to take a look at it for me, but if anyone felt like providing a third or fourth pair of eyes, that would be fabulous. Because apparently I need feedback constructive criticism to have my hand held, because I'm four. Hi.

Or you could come and tell me whether or not you think Fraser loves Victoria, and why? That would be hugely helpful. I've been racking my brains about this, trying to decide how to write about Victoria from Fraser's perspective, and this is as close as I can get;

To seem the stranger lies my lot, my life among strangers )

Also? I may have been reading too much of Gerard Manley Hopkins' poetry. It's doing odd things to my brain.
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I'm sorry I've been quiet this week, but I've been busy unpacking, not to mention that my brain is being surreptitiously invaded by Snape/Lupin. )

So, in an effort to get myself writing again, a meme! Feel free to let me know which one you'd like me to write.

When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Well, first up, Spuffy and I have a genderfuck fic to finish. *looks guilty*

Then there was an idea I had for an AU in which Fraser and RayK met when they were thirteen. )

Then there's the Physiotherapist AU )

Then there's something I wrote months ago, which has somehow become completely dissociated from its plot in my mind. It was supposed to be the opening of something, but I have no idea what.

Ray’s first thought when he woke... )

And finally, something that would have been about Canada Day, except not. I really can't remember where I was going with this either.

Ray was standing in our bedroom doorway... )

There was also an idea I had while chatting to [ profile] aingeal8c a while ago;

Benton Fraser, MD )

That's fandom. Still here? Good!

Manchester Literature Festival are running a competition for short stories based on urban myths. The word limit is 250. Yes, you read that right. I'm struggling with writing a story that compact, but I had a couple of ideas.

Original fiction, hah! )

As well as all this, I have Remus Lupin and Severus Snape wandering around in my head. And are they fucking? No! They're arguing.

I hate my brain.
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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! What did I miss? Did you blow anything up while I was gone?

I have achieved precisely nothing this fortnight. Well, I moved all my belongins several hundred miles and refrained from killing my parents, but apart from that. Although I did read the last Harry Potter (and was very disappointed that no-one smashed Harry's irritating little face into a wall).

In lieu of the fact that I have nothing interesting to say, I took some pictures of Wales. (Wales, not whales.) Wanna see some pictures? Of course you do! )

So what have I missed the last two weeks? Recs, people, recs!
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For this week's [ profile] ds_snippets challenge, the mods were kind enough to let me write haiku. It's years since I've actually written haiku, so it was nice to have an excuse again.

Title: Shattered Light
Fandom: Due South
Rating: G
Length: words
Prompt: home

January was )